Thanet website design

Need a fresh new website?

Website Design Service

I provide a complete web design package for your business, with graphics and layout that are unique to your brand at an affordable price.
Great websites take vision, creativity and a lot of hard work. I work with you in order to get every detail just right – adjusting and fine-tuning your site until you are completely satisfied.



Online Shops?

Would you like to build an online shop or need to redesign your existing e-commerce website? I build e-commerce sites that look good, are effective and affordable. All my e-commerce websites are designed to suit individual business requirements and have many features that promote sales.



Websites written in pure HTML5 / CSS3, do not require a database. They are robust and extremely difficult to hack. They work beautifully across all devices, operating systems and web browsers. A website written in HTML provides the greatest flexibility when trying to build an SEO compliant website.


Joomla & WordPress

These are the Content Management Systems (CMS) I will use if a client would like to update their website themselves. The main advantage of a CMS is that it enables non-technically minded users to create and edit web pages themselves, without having to understand HTML and CSS.